Philip Perkins

As a teenager, I became interested in learning to play an instrument. Coinciding with my interest it just happened that the Perkins family needed a bass player in their band. Viola, a star is born!! You would find me many a weekend night hammering out the driving bass beat to the country music being played at my families’ North Country gigs.

After graduating from high school I married Terrie, served in the military, and fathered two wonderful boys. Other responsibilities took precedence yet music continued to be a major part of my life, even though I hadn’t picked up an instrument in years.

Joel definitely had the musical genes, Terrie and I recognized his talent, so we both encouraged him to pursue a career in music. As he became more involved with music and became very proficient as a violinist/fiddle player, it was inevitable that I would become more involved as well. My family, much to my surprise, decided this to be the perfect time to buy me a custom made Ernie Ball bass guitar. This guitar was all the motivation I needed to return to my musical roots.

Joel and I co-founded the Celtic Band, Inisheer, and I played bass with this band for over ten years. There is nothing that delights me more than to put on my hat, play the bass on stage, see the excitement on people’s faces, and have the opportunity to play music with my family.